Friday, August 5, 2011

Page By Paige

By Laura Lee Gulledge. New York: Amulet Books, 2011.

Paige has just moved from Virginia to New York City. She is feeling a little lost - she misses Virginia, she is trying to get used to a new city, and she doesn't know where she fits in. Trying to adjust to her new life, Paige decides to pick up a sketchbook and tell her life. This coming of age story details Paige's journey to come out of her shell, as well as discovering who she is and deciphering her inner-most thoughts and feelings. She begins to make friends and goes out in the city, and in doing so, she finds herself and tries to put herself out there more than she ever did in the past.

This diary-graphic novel format works really well, allowing the reader to see into Paige's head. The drawings are very detailed and really represent her feelings. I think teens will relate to this story, as they struggle with discovering themselves and figuring out where they "fit in." I related to Paige and her shyness; the fear of putting yourself out there and not being accepted, but also not wanting to hide your true self. Paige is very real and her journey will resound with many teens.