Monday, August 31, 2009

Giddy About Graphic Novels

In case you haven't noticed, I love reading graphic novels for kids! I know I review alot of them, but that's because I really think these books are fabulous. They are quick reads, so they are perfect for kids who may be daunted by long chapter books. Also, they are packed with hilarious, snappy dialogue, which makes kids (and let's face it, adults!) laugh. They also have really great graphics, which are part of the overall story. I've gotten alot of kids who "hate to read" hooked on this genre, which makes me a happy librarian. Here are some recent picks of mine, which I think you'll really love!

Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute, Volume 1

Lunch Lady and the League of Librarians, Volume 2

by Jarrett J. Krosoczka

Hector, Dee and Terrence have always wondered what their school Lunch Lady does outside of the cafeteria. Little do they know, she along with her sidekick Betty are serving up more than chicken nuggets...they are serving justice! In the first volume, Lunch Lady becomes very wary of the new substitute math teacher. She decides to follow him home one night, the same night Hector, Dee and Terrence decide to follow Lunch Lady to see what she does when she's not at school. Lunch Lady discovers the substitute teacher is a robot! And the kids discover Lunch Lady is more than just your average lunch lady. In the second volume, Lunch Lady and the kids think something fishy is going on with the school librarians. Instead of being friendly and helpful, they have closed the library and become very secretive. Will Lunch Lady serve justice to the cyborg substitutes and league of librarians? You'll have to check out these books to find out!

Salt Water Taffy: The Seaside Adventures of Jack and Benny
A Climb Up Mt. Barnabas, Volume 2
by Matthew Loux

Jack and Benny are back for another adventure on Chowder Bay in Maine, where anything can happen. In this volume, Jack and Benny decide to hike up the very steep mountain, Mt. Barnabas in search of Barnabas, the Great Golden Eagle, who also has a wee problem with stealing hats. After their father's favorite cap was stolen, the boys head out to tackle the mountain. Along the way, they encounter Dan, the talking wolf, a giant rock-climbing turtle, and of course, the talking lobsters from Volume 1 (The Legend of Old Salty). Hey, I said anything can happen in Chowder Bay! Will the boys ever make it to the top and will they get their dad's hat back? Check out this series for some fun and silly adventures!